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Photojournalist, political wire photographer & Pulitzer prize-winner David Hume Kennerly has been in the room with his cameras when nearly every major American political event in the latter 20th  and 21st centuries took place. White House photographer under Gerald Ford, he’s photographed every president since LBJ and most world leaders in his 50+ year career. His often irreverent humor permeates his remembrances and descriptions of the circumstances that led to his greatest photographs in this podcast. His entire archive of over 1 million objects was acquired by the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona. He explains the process he implemented to achieve this sale. Not to be missed. In two parts. Both Part 1 & Part 2 available now.


Fine art star Mona Kuhn Talks about her meteoric rise, what keeps here there, early years, her remarkable  and honest process, relationships with her subjects and the difficulties she deals with on the web. Mona also reveals her wonderful approach to life that informs her work. Nudes represent a difficult subject yet Kuhn has found her voice (and what a melodious voice it is!) and has earned her seat at the table.


Photojournalist Barbara Davidson, 3-time Pulitzer and Emmy winning Guggenheim Fellow talks to PSPF about her early years as a self-described hellion in Montreal, her captivity in Croatia, the early staff years with the Dallas Morning News and more recently the L.A. Times, her heroes and her 20-year career. Her comments on her process illuminate how she’s risen from modest beginnings to the top of a male-dominated field to be amongst the most recognized practitioners in the world. Learn how she sees the importance and relevance of her work and how it infuses her daily life 24/7.


In a raucous, candid and humorous interview, the Legendary rock & folk music photographer HENRY DILTZ talks about the 60s, the truth about herb, print sales and life happening when you’re doing something else.  Diltz tells of the historic Laurel Canyon days of the sixties with pals like Steven Stills, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, the Doors, James Taylor, Mama Cass, John Sebastian and the whole range of American rock, folk music and pop culture legends he photographed before they were famous and over the next 50 years. It’s thought that Henry may have sold more prints than any photographer in history. Get ready for this one!


One of the most collected contemporary photographers working today, ROGER BALLEN speaks about what brought him to the unique vision he is so known for; the legendary music video, Fink You Freaky; the importance of rats; shelters; the psychology of the inner mind; Roger’s theater; Johannesburg; Platteland, Outland, Boarding House, Dorps, Shadow Chamber; basketball, Berkeley, Woodstock and more.

Legendary fine art photographer RALPH GIBSON talks about 60-years of making images, 40+ books, The Somnambulist, Robert Frank & Dorothea Lange, The right side of the street, photo-book making, pal Helmut, his weekend in Pennsylvania, the frigate in the North Atlantic, Lustrum Press, Larry Clark, B&W, color & his favorite lenses of all time.


Consummate photographer STEPHEN WILKES is riding the wave. Wilkes shares his process for making literally epic images, his Jay Maisel stories, his seamless bridging of commercial & fine art & the depth of his passion for moving the needle. Tick off his new feature film documentary, Taschen monograph, Nat Geo stories and his success selling prints at the high end of the market. Don’t forget his chicken suit story!

In our second, one-person (new series) conversation, we talk with one of the few photographers known by just one name: DUANE. Duane Michals talks about life, death, “art”, sex, age, humor, nostalgia, past, present, Andy Warhol, McKeesport, creativity, personal style and more. Michals is one of the true legends from the latter 20th Century and 21st Century. At 88 – still going strong!


NEW SERIES: For the first time, we dedicate an entire podcast episode to photographer DAN WINTERS. We’re looking ahead to PSPF 2021! We’ll talk about Dan’s reverence for tools, the difference between a photo session and a sitting, guide numbers, Diane Arbus, Nadar, ASA, Ektalure, Jay Maisel’s wedding, thyristors, the splendors of the rebate area, angle of incidence, Nicephore Niepce and more. Get ready!


Workshop Instructor MELANIE PULLEN talks about her plan to keep the ball rolling and distinguishing between the photo and broader fine art market.

Photoshop guru and Adobe confidante BEN WILLMORE explains his approach to Photoshop in everyday language plus discusses when to use Lightroom vs. Photoshop plus his completely restored 1950s traveling coach.

Energetic talker and good listener HEIDI GOVERMAN, West Coast rep from PSPF sponsor, Workbook, talks about your marketing goals, why sourcebooks are still relevant, the way to get on the marketing highway and her Korean black belt.


Workshop Instructor ERWIN OLAF talks about his epic Palm Springs Project, walking on the edge of the volcano (but don’t fall in!) and his reason for making fine art photographs.

Author of the DAM book, digital asset management guru PETER KROGH reveals what makes his own Lightroom catalogue so amazing and what you need to do to get yours in shape.

Sponsor Bay Photo’s founder and visionary leader, the enigmatic LARRY ABITOL, talks about how the change to digital helped him grow Bay into one of the largest custom labs in the world.


Workshop Instructors: Rock Star Architecture Photographers Tim Griffith & Scott Frances both talk about their careers, passions and methods. Fascinating for all photographers! 

Maverick Nazraeli Press founder & publisher Chris Pichler talks about his passions for book making, photography, L.A. in the 60s, Central Coast ranching, olive oil and his two cows. Chris has made a magic life and published over 600 photobooks. 


Workshop Instructor: Entertainment photographer extraordinaire Art Streiber talks about constantly promoting his work even though he is published constantly in many magazines.

Minor Matters book publisher Michelle Dunn Marsh who brings intelligence and diversity to the PSPF symposiums talks about how books are vital to our lives.

Sponsor: Canon’s Rebecca Nichols and friend Lulu share a new free download link allowing you to use your Canon DSLR or Mirrorless for your Zoom calls.


Workshop Instructor: Fashion & Beauty photographer Miranda Penn Turin who reveals her breakout realization & recommendations for the early part of your career.

Father of Digital Printing Mac Holbert gives a mini class in color management, tells many a great story about his time with Crosby Stills & Nash and later, Nash Editions and reveals the secret contents of his storage facility.

Sponsor: Fujifilm’s Senior Manager for Product Development, Justin Stailey talks about being a talk show host, the great new generation of Fujifilm camera systems and reveals what it’s like in secret meetings at Fujifilm.


Workshop Instructor: Distinguished, venerable fine art photographer Keith Carter reveals the two epiphanies that liberated him and focussed his style, and discusses how there’s no limits to his subject matter nor his methods

Sponsor: Epson’s Dano Steinhardt, reminisces about about the days before digital, how digital printing science sprang from crystals and the truth about the word giclee

Workshop Instructor: Prolific & enigmatic fine art photographer Todd Hido discusses his early days, his obsession with photo books and his influences that have shaped his vision.

The director of the Los Angeles mega-gallery Fahey Klein, David Fahey, reveals his beliefs on what it takes to be an star in the fine art photo market, the gallerist’s responsibilities, and the true story about the day he introduced Gary Winogrand to Ansel Adams.

Sponsor: Juliette Wolf Robin, National Executive Director of American Photographic Artists (APA) has advice for festival attendees and discusses the the post Covid-19 changed landscape for professional photographers she and her teams are preparing us to navigate.


Workshop Instructor: Beauty Photographer Extraordinaire Ben Hassett talks about his early days, his lighting & thoughts on the importance of shooting all manner of things including street pictures, liquor stores & trees to be fresh in the studio.

Portfolio Reviewer: Ken Zane, seasoned art producer and photo editor discusses his ideas for successful portfolio reviews.

Sponsor: Josef Blazer of Blazing Editions explains the magic & virtues of large scale dye-sublimation printing on aluminium.


Workshop Instructor: Chicago Advertising & Fine Art Photographer Sandro Miller talks about his long collaboration with actor John Malkovich and his secrets for disarming nervous sitters.

Seminar Speaker: Eric Joseph, Freestyle Photo Printing & Paper Specialist discusses how to make perfect digital prints and why you should love your custom paper profiles.

Sponsor: Digital Silver Imaging Co-Founders Eric Luden & Andrea Zocchi discuss Lightjet Technology (hybrid digital / analog gelatin-silver printing) and tell the story of how they made their first franken-analog printing machine.


Workshop Instructor: Polyglot Photographer / Illustrator / Filmmaker Matt Mahurin announces his new 1600 page opus, The Image-maker’s Handbook, talks about his career arc and why you wouldn’t want to bring a camera to his class.

Portfolio Reviewer:  Wired Director of Photography Anna Goldwater Alexander talks about why Wired is unique, why she loves publishing photographers before her friends learn of them & her grandfather Senator Barry Goldwater.

Sponsor: Sony Senior Business Development Manager Samantha Corn describes the full Sony range of experiences at PSPF 2020.


Workshop Instructor: Frank Ockenfels 3 discusses his work in the film industry, why he is incessantly experimenting, his new book Volumer 3 and his long career following the light.

Sponsor: Canon Imaging Technologies & Communications Group Manager Rebecca Nichols talks about the Canon Title Sponsorship of PSPF and what’s going to be available for our attendees at PSPF 2020.

Portfolio Reviewer:  Photographer’s Rep Marianne Campbell reveals secrets for a successful portfolio review, what reps discuss amongst themselves  and continuing relationships with photographers met at PSPF.

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